Vintage Audio

Kenwood Integrated Amplifiers, on top is KA-5700, 40 wpc. On bottom is KA-701, 80 wpc

Cerwin Vega Dx9, garage sale find. $5 each!

Cerwin Vega D7, Garage sale find. $5 each!

These are big speakers, known as Rock-n-Roll, true west coast sound!

I need to replace the foam on the woofer of all four speakers

Kenwood KA-5700, I changed out the display lights to blue LED lights

Original Large Advent Speakers, 1970’s

Original Large Advent Speakers, 2 way

Wharfedale W70d

Kenwood KA-701 Integrated Amplifier, 80 watts per channel, 1980 vintage

Avid 3300 Loudspeaker, 1970’s vintage

Kenwood GE-1000 Graphic Equalizer, 12 bands, early 1980’s vintage