For Sale

The following components are part of an ongoing estate sale.  Please look at pictures and description!  All prices for local pickup, shipping at your expense.

Audio-Technica AT-605 Turntable Isolation Feet, Very Good condition, $75 / 4 pieces

Sansui AU-20000 Integrated Amplifier, Very good condition, Legendary amplifier, COMING SOON!

Dynaco ST-150 Power Amplifier, Very Good condition, everything works, small crack in front glass, 75 wpc / 8 ohms.  $300 OBO

Dynaco 416 Power Amplifier, Very Good condition, 200 wpc / 8 ohms, COMING SOON!

 Dynaco SE 10 Graphic Equalizer, Very Good condition, 10 band, $100 OBO

BIC T3 2 speed cassette deck, looks as new in original box, beautiful rosewood panels, COMING SOON!

BIC FM10 The Beam Box, FM antennae in very good condition, $25

BIC Venturi Formula 6, Good condition, one midrange speaker cone is torn.  $100 as is / OBO

BSR Model FEW II Stereo Frequency Equalizer, appears NOS, excellent condition.  $30

Marantz 3250 Pre-Amp and Model 150 Tuner, both NOS in original boxes, COMING SOON!

Pioneer SPEC 2 Power Amplifier, Very Good Condition, 250 wpc / 8 ohms, rack handles, COMING SOON!

Pioneer RG-1 Dynamic Processor, Excellent Condition, $175 OBO

Pioneer U-24 Program Selector, Excellent Condition, allows selection of up to 3 amplifier, 4 each tape duplicate Play/Record, 4 tape monitor/source, 2 Aux and 3 phone inputs. $300 OBO

Pioneer PL-570 Mirror Display, Very Good condition, missing tonearm counterbalance, headshell and cover.  This was a display used in HiFi dealers to showcase the direct drive turntable mechanics.  The plexiglass box has a mirror on the bottom, reflecting the turntable mechanism.  Very unique piece.  The turntable powers on and spins.  Definitely a conversation piece.  Due to size and fragility, local pickup only.  $350 OBO

KLH Burwen Research DNF 1201A Dynamic Noise Filter, black case, excellent condition.  Rack Mount.  $50 OBO

KLH Burwen Research DNF 1201A Dynamic Noise Filter, silver face, NOS in original box, $100 OBO

KLH Burwen Research TNE 7000 A Transient Noise Eliminator, Black case, appears NOS, Rack Mount.  $100 OBO

Micranta 12v Power Supply, Very Good condition, $10

EICO Peak to Peak VTM, Good Condition, $50

Acoustic Research XA Turntable, Fair Condition, appears to be missing some pieces, nice plinth.  Great restoration project or use for parts.  $50

AB Systems Power Monitor/Switcher, I can find no info on this piece, Excellent condition, rack mount.  $25

JVC RS 7 Receiver, Very Good condition, works, 50 wpc / 8ohms, $75

Sansui AU-20000 Integrated Receiver, Very good condition, 170 wpc / 8 ohms, COMING SOON!

Soundcraftsman 20-12A Graphic Equalizer, Very Good condition, nice wood case,  $150 OBO

SAE Mark III CM Power Amplifier, Fair condition, Holes drilled in faceplate for rack mount. Powers on, meters work but no sound signal, Restore or parts $100

SAE Model 5000 Impluse Noise Reduction System, Excellent condition, New in box!  $60

Akai Model GXC – 760D Cassette Deck, Very Good condition, $250 OBO

Kenwood KT-7300 Tuner, Excellent condition, New in box!  $100

Kenwood KA-701 Integrated Amplifier, 80 wpc / 8 ohms.  This integrated amplifier has tone adjustments for high, mid and bass, 3 loudness positions, Dual Coupling switch.  Very good condition, the infamous power toggle was broken off, I jimmy jammed a solution and the knob sits on it nicely.  I haven’t secured the knob because it needs to be removed when you take the face plate off, but it shows nicely.  Everything works as it should, sometimes it takes a minute or two of warmup for both channels to work without cutting out, but once it warms up, if performs flawlessly.  With rack handles, $SOLD 

Kenwood KA-701 Integrated Amplifier, 80 wpc / 8 Ohms.  For parts or restoration.  Speaker protection doesn’t click when powered up.  Everything is there except the above-mentioned power switch blade.  $50 OBO

Kenwood KA-5700 Integrated Amplifier, 40 wpc / 8 Ohms.  Very good condition and performs flawlessly.  I switched out the meter lights to cool blue and it looks great.  With rack handles $150

Technics SL-B2 turntable, Very good condition.  New belt, ADC Integra cartridge.  The auto-return plastic cam has a crack in it, so the auto return doesn’t work, but it doesn’t impact the playability of the turntable.  Comes with original box and paperwork, $125 OBO

Kenwood GE-1000 graphic equalizer, Very Good condition.  All lights work, reverb works, very nice piece.  $Sold 

Audio Technica LP-120 turntable.  Excellent condition, original box, nice clear cover.  This tt has the infamous “hack” done to it to bypass the tone-sucking USB path, which makes a huge difference in how the turntable sounds.  Google this hack, people rave about how much better the TT sounds after bypassing the USB circuitry.  $80

Kenwood GE-1000 graphic equalizer for parts, let me know what you need.  If you have a bank of sliders that no longer light up, I have the solution.  I have the led lights I can sell you, or one complete bank of sliders, easy to install!  Let me know what you need!

Avid 330 Loudspeakers, Very Good condition.  The definition of the East Coast sound, these TOL speakers from Providence-based Avid are well engineered and sound great!  Research the reviews on these, they don’t disappoint.  $275

Advent Original Large Advent speakers, very good condition.  These speakers make most list of the best speakers available in their era.  These speakers have had the cabinets sanded and refinished, the crossovers recapped and the woofer replaced with a NLA woofer.  Great sounding speaker, $200